Summer of Bitcoin


a global summer internship program focused on introducing university students to bitcoin and open-source development

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For students

Learn how bitcoin works

Bitcoin is the best money we've ever had. Learn how it works from a curated set of resources and experts.

Contribute to bitcoin projects

Contribute to the most important technology of our time under the mentorship of established bitcoin developers, designers, educators and researchers.

Earn bitcoin as stipend

Make the most of your summer break by earning 3000 USD in bitcoin as stipend.

Build a career in bitcoin

Get a return offer for next summer, receive a full-time open-source development grant or get placed in the most reputed bitcoin companies.

Student working on bitcoin

For organizations

More code and more code reviews

Guide students on real-world software development

Identify and bring in new project contributors

Inspire young students for a career in bitcoin


Mentor and mentee working on bitcoin

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